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SHAMCI Certification Scheme Rules, RCREEE, 2016 2017
Guiding document FiT scheme small scale solar PV projects - The English Version 2016
test integ 2025
Arab Future Energy Index™ (AFEX) - Energy Efficiency 2013 2013 English
Electricity Tariff from 5-6-2012, Official Gazette, 2012 2012 English
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) for Palestine, Palestinian Energy Authority, 2011-2013 2011 English
Arab Future Energy Index™ (AFEX) - Renewable Energy 2015 2015 English
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SHAMCI Certification Rules Annexes, RCREEE, 2017 2017 English
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Reference Pricelist Record for the Calculation of Electrical Energy Purchase Prices from Renewable Energy Sources, Council of Commissioners of Electricity Regulatory, 2012 2012 English
Iraq and Kurdistan Electricity Masterplan – summary and recommendations, Jeff Larkin, 2011 2011 English
Diesel to solar transformation - Second report, RCREEE, 2016 2016 English
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Study of Socio-Economic Impacts of Solar Pumping Systems in Terms of Local Job and Value Creation in Egypt;TOR, RCREEE, 2016 2016 English