Taqaway™ Sustainable Energy Knowledge Portal

Welcome to the Beta Version of TaqaWay™, the Arab region's Sustainable Energy Knowledge Portal. The TaqaWay knowledge portal is a joint collaborative initiative between the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE). It provides a central collaboration and monitoring platform that helps sustainable energy studies across the region. It also showcases projects, initiatives, field experts, energy prices, and other field-relevant information. This Portal is intended to help policy makers, non-governmental institutions, investors, academia, field experts, and researchers to find the reliable, accurate and updated information on sustainable energy in the Arab region. It provides tools for data analysis and benchmarking Arab countries’ readiness and market capabilities in renewable energy and energy efficiency. TaqaWay has been developed with additional kind support of GIZ, UN-ESCWA and UNEP. Your feedback is valuable to us so please help us by filling TaqaWay™ satisfaction form.

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      Custom Reports

      Create customized reports on sustainable energy in the Arab region. For any country, you can select specific data and indicators to generate your own desired report for the purpose of referencing, printing and exporting.Cf


      Statistics & Indicators

      Find all the latest statistics and indicators of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Arab region under this category. Historical data trends over the years are also available to facilitate regional benchmarking and understanding of energy problems, opportunities, and challenges.Ff



      Provides key knowledge on the Arab sustainable energy field through indices. These renewable energy and energy efficiency indices can be found under this section and are all based on the Arab Future Energy Index™ (AFEX)


      Data Explorer

      The data explorer contains detailed information on renewable energy projects in Arab countries. The frequently-updated project information describes names, locations, current operational status, capacity, and more.Tf