TaqaWay’s Analysis section provides users with various interactive tools to analyze renewable energy and energy efficiency data in the Arab region. These tools provide interactive charts and graphics, countries and statistics comparisons, as well as time-series analysis. It also includes an interactive solar map of the region. Institutions and organizations can improve the efficiency of research work and achieve more solid conclusions by consulting this section.

Map Charting

Create your own Maps


Solar Med Atlas

The Solar Atlas for the Mediterranean is a portal for global horizontal and direct normal irradiance data for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region. The project brings high resolution (1km), long-term coverage (20 years 1991-2010) data on the available resources for the whole target region covering the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean Countries.


Chart Creator

Create your own analysis charts by transferring raw data into intelligible information that allows for benchmarking results of multiple years and different countries.


Custom Reports

TaqaWay allows users to create their own online customized report on sustainable energy in the Arab region. For any country, you can select specific data and indicators to generate your own desired report for the purpose of referencing, printing and exporting.