This project carried out under the agreement between RCREEE and UNESCWA, aims to help develop the situation of energy statistics in the Arab region among experts of the field through two main avenues. Firstly, by producing a network of experts to be used by all energy experts in the Arab region, including e-learning courses. This has been achieved through the creation and development of the TaqaWay Sustainable Energy Network and the online ESAB Course which consists of more than 180 experts from the region. This number is expected to increase substantially. Secondly, by producing a regional database for Energy Statistics to be used on the national and regional level. This has been achieved through the creation and development of the TaqaWay sustainable energy Knowledge Portal Statistics and Indicators section with the most updated data provided by UNESCWA.

Statistics & Indicators

Find all the latest statistics and indicators of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Arab region under this category. Historical data trends over the years are also available to facilitate regional benchmarking and understanding of energy problems, opportunities, and challenges.


ESAB course

The purpose of the E-learning and Network, is to support countries in overcoming obstacles that they face in the preparation of energy balances and to promote the access of the Arab countries to better analysis of energy statistics. To gain access to this course, please sign up at: http://www.taqaway.net/user/register


Map Charts

Create visually representative maps with statistics. This database presents the most recent available data on the energy sector in Arab countries , primarily crude oil and natural gas production; refining capacity and output; domestic consumption; total and by sector, electricity generation, total and by different systems, peak load; installed capacity of power stations; per capita electricity consumption.